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Activities Around Kimberley

For a quint yet busy town, you'll find a few attractions and activities to keep you busy and amused while visiting Kimberley.

Cullinan Guest House has listed a few of the most well known activities below, we have all the details and contact numbers available at the front desk and are more than happy to explain our attractions to you.

Well Known attraction

The Gariep kunstefees is one of the main attractions in kimberley and boasts a plentiful supply of stall, activities and shows, bringing in visitors all around the country, and is run in September each year.

A wide variety of artists also perform at this event - local singers, dj's, groups, you name it! If you are in Kimberley at the beginning of September, be sure to visit this festival, the Gariepfees!

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The Belgravia Historical walk

The walk commences at the imposing McGregor Museum and meanders past sites such as the birth place of diamond magnate Harry Oppenheimer; “The Half” the world’s first drive-in pub; the magnificent Dunluce and the Duggin-Cronin gallery which was erected in 1889. An informative guide book on the walk is available at the McGregor Museum.

The Great Kimberley North Walk

A fascination and very informative historical walk that spans the city centre and the Kimberley North suburb. Sites such as where the first traffic lights in Kimberley were erected, the Executioner’s Yard, the pretty Victorian-styled Kimberley Station, Cecil Rhodes’ De Beers Mining Company Boardroom and another big hole in Kimberley, the De Beers Mine, are visited.

The Ghost trail tour

Kimberley has many authenticated stories of ghost sightings in haunted places. Ghostly visitations are revealed during this entertaining guided night time tour of Kimberley.

The Diamond diggings tour

The only place in the world where the ordinary tourist can experience an underground tour in a working diamond mine is at De Beers Kimberley Mines Joint Shaft. These are the oldest and deepest operational diamond mines on earth.

The Archaeological Route

An introductory sweep through 3 million years of Northern Cape history – in fact, the story of humanity itself – is the subject matter of a comprehensive and up-to-date display at the McGregor Museum, called Ancestors.

The Thirst quencher tour

During the Diamond Digging days, Kimberley was renowned for the number and variety of its bars. Today, only a few of these romantic establish,ents from a bygone age still exist. Wet your whistle in any of our fine establishments:

  • The Half
  • Star of the West
  • Phoenix Hotel

The Game viewing & hunting, bird watching, fly fishing

The Northern Cape offers wide-open spaces, unbelievable horizons, big skies and naturally functioning ecosystems.

It also offers peace, tranquility and plenty of bird and wildlife. For those with an adventurous spirit there are also many adventure trails such as river rafting, mountain biking, boating, hiking, etc.